Shell Gadus (จาระบีสำหรับงานอุตสาหกรรม ประเภทพิเศษ)

Oil and Lubricants. For Speciality Industrial Grease 

The Shell Gadus range has been developed to deliver best value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and system efficiency. From greases that offer reliable performance for standard applications to specialist low noise, high-temperature and heavy-load greases, there is a Shell Gadus product that can help to optimise your system’s efficiency and costs of operation.

 The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last, and the less lubrication maintenance for your equipment. With a full product range of Shell Gadus greases, you can select the grease to best meet your needs



Shell Gadus S5 T460 1.5

Shell Gadus S4 OG Clear Oil 20000

Shell Gadus S4 V2600AD 1.5
Shell Gadus S3 T220 2
Shell Gadus S3 T150J 2
Shell Gadus S3 High Speed
Shell Gadus S3 Repair
Shell Gadus S2 OG 80
Shell Gadus S2 OG 85
Shell Gadus S2 OGH 0/00
Shell Gadus S2 U460L 2