Shell Tonna S2 M (เชลล์ ทอนน่า เอส 2 เอ็ม)

Oil and Lubricants. For Slidew Oil

Protecting components from damage can increase your equipment’s service life – maximising your return on investment. Customers from a variety of operations have added value to their businesses by switching to a higher quality machine tool slideway oil.

Shell Tonna has been formulated to help protect your slideways, gears, bearings and hydraulic system components from corrosion and wear. In the industry standard test it achieved up to 92% less wear than the maximum allowed. In addition to good slideway adhesion characteristics to restrict leakage into the cutting fluids sump and reduce consumption, Shell Tonna helps maintain uniform working conditions for your machine.

Shell’s Tonna range is especially designed to lubricate machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms. With excellent frictional properties, very good slideway adhesion and excellent anti-wear performance, it can be relied on to provide efficient machining accuracy and reliable protection for your equipment.



Shell Tonna S2 M 220
Shell Tonna S2 M 68
Shell Tonna S2 M 32